Second DWI Offense

Escalating Consequences For Repeat DWI Offenses

If you have been arrested a second time for driving while intoxicated, you are probably worried about the punishments that you may face. Unfortunately, there is cause for great concern. In New York City, a second DWI offense within a 10-year time frame is considered a Class E felony and typically comes with harsher penalties than those for misdemeanor-level first DWI offenses.

With the stakes so high in repeat DWI cases, it’s very important to make sure that you mount an effective defense against charges. This can be very difficult to do without the help of a skilled lawyer. Research shows that people who are represented by legal counsel routinely see more favorable outcomes in DWI cases.

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Penalties For A Second DWI Offense

Repeat DWI offenders typically face serious penalties that can affect every area of their lives. Being found guilty of a second DWI offense may subject you to penalties that include:

  • Fine and fee payments:. You will be assessed a minimum fine of $1,000 and may be responsible for paying up to $5,000. You will also have to pay a mandatory conviction surcharge and the crime victim’s assistance fee.
  • Incarceration: You may be jailed for up to four years. The minimum sentence for a second DWI conviction will be five days in jail or 30 days of community service, but only if the repeat offense is within five years of the first.
  • Loss of driving privileges: You will lose your license for a minimum of one year if you are over 21 years old. If you are under 21, you will lose your license for a minimum of one year or until the day you turn 21, whichever is later.
  • Ignition interlock device (IID) installation: For any repeat offenses, a mandatory ignition interlock device will be installed in any vehicle owned or driven by you. This will stay on the car during the license revocation and subsequent probation periods.
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation: You will have to participate in New York City’s Drinking Driver Program. A judge may also order an alcohol assessment. You will be held responsible for costs associated with these punishments.

These penalties do not reveal the full costs of being found guilty a second time under DWI laws. For example, another effect of a conviction will be increases in car insurance premiums. You may even be dropped by your carrier, forcing you to seek out a new, and more expensive, policy.

Don’t Accept A Felony Without A Fight: Get Help From A New York City Lawyer

Being convicted of a second DWI offense can have a dramatic impact on your personal and professional life. For example, being convicted of a felony may come with limitations of your rights as a citizen, such as the ability to vote. Additionally, having this serious charge on your record can impact your ability to get a job, thereby also jeopardizing your financial stability.

Given all that you could lose, it’s important to do everything possible to avoid being convicted of a repeat drunk driving offense. An attorney will work to understand the circumstances of your case and provide information on DWI defense strategies that may be effective toward getting the charges against you dropped, or your penalties reduced.

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